principle of operation

Metering pumps are oscillating displacement pumps. An exactly defined volume of liquid is drawn into the displacement body on the reciprocal stroke and forced into the dosing line on the compression stroke. 

ACCURACy and simplicity in function

Over one million of our pumps are in use all over the globe, delivering reliable, accurate performance under the toughest conditions. Our proven design principles guarantee a high standard of quality and precision.

The product range

Large choice of types, wide range of capacities: from a few ml, e. g. for laboratory use, to 5000 l/h, e. g. for use in process engineering and agriculture.

The technologies in detail:

  • Diaphragm metering pumps (mechanically deflected diaphragm)

  • Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps (hydraulically deflected diaphragm)

  • Plunger metering pumps

  • Solenoid driven metering pumps

  • Electronically controlled metering pumps

Classification by pump drive:

  • Solenoid-driven metering pumps

  • Motor-driven metering pumps

Find the right pump type in four steps

  • Specify pump capacity in litres per hour [l/h]

  • Specify back pressure in bar

  • Find the intersection of these two values and select the pump type that lies nearest to it

  • Specify power supply

If pump capacity is unknown, our experts would be able to determine capacity according to product requirement needs per unit of dosage.


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Double Metering Pump