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METERING system solutions engineered for life


At I-FEEDER, our commitment to superior service, relentless innovation and client success is at the forefront of everything we do. The client comes first.

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DESIGNED BY ENGINEERS to be intelligent, functional and beautiful

I-FEEDER was born out of passion. The passion to be the best at giving the consumer what they require. Making sure the synergy is not only with the demand side of the business, but also the supply. It is also a strong commitment to service while still sustaining a high level of environmentally responsible, sustainable and high quality products which sets us apart even more.


shaping the brand

light automation

NEW FOR 2019

The need was recognised for an affordable turnkey light automated system which can communicate with all your current systems. Intelligent enough to fulfil all your automated needs, simple enough to be shipped straight to the end-used, with little to no training required.


ever evolving without forgetting our roots


I-FEEDER has evolved to not only give the market what it needs, but also to lead the curve with new innovations, new markets and

new product lines. Designed in a way where old meets new. Ensuring your investments stay current long after purchase.

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30+ years of expertise allows us to ensure we supply the correct information and product in a timeous and thorough manner. Making sure the correct system is specced, paid for and supplied.



I-Feeder has always provided cost-effective solutions to meet the technological requirements of our customers. Our prices are tailored for growth and invesment.




Our relationship with our customers doesn’t stop once our products have been supplied. Available via whatsapp, email or a phone call, we will assist in any manner we can.



Implementing new ideas and developing new technologies is more than our expertise – it’s our passion.


design, function, installation & implementation

Represented by companies with the same philosophy as I-Feeder across Southern Africa, Africa and Europe, we ensure that the company mission is shared by all role-players. We do not just partner with any company. We have strict guidelines to ensure that the user is always number one. 

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Track Record for Innovation & Flexibility

At I-Feeder, we offer a wide variety of standard equipment to solve the various application requirements of today’s manufacturers. We also have a proven track record of designing components and systems for a wide spectrum of applications. No matter the scope of the project, we are well equipped to accommodate changes smoothly. In fact, implementing new ideas and developing new technologies is our expertise.


represented all over africa, europe and south america


I-Feeder has grown from a small company supplying the agricultural market in the Southern most tip of Africa to one of the biggest role players in Africa, the Middle East and South America where it comes to the supply of dosing systems. Currently establishing a footprint in Europe and Asia, with involvement in projects as far afield as Iraq and England. 

To ensure our clients are serviced on the level they clearly deserve, the company has now opened offices in the UAE to ensure close proximity to our EMEA client base.