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I-Feeder prides itself in offering our clients products which once installed, can be trusted to do what it is intended to do. 

As our products are exported worldwide, it is a necessity that our systems can be operated from ground level up. This design feature forces systems which require very little set-up and training.

And this philosophy extends to our Automation systems. Easy to use with full automated control on board at a fraction of the cost of external automated systems.

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Almost all quality improvements comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes and procedures. -Tom Peters
— Tom Peters

Automation systems


Automation is changing modern farming

Agriculture in the modern age is changing rapidly. Rising global population and shifting trade policies affect the pricing, supply chain, and delivery of food products. Meanwhile, consumer preferences, especially in western countries, are shifting toward organic and sustainably-produced products and produce that require more attention, data, and labor.

These growing and changing demands need to be met by an agriculture industry that is facing labor shortages and rising costs for farm work. Many farmers are facing a dilemma between wanting to produce more, higher-quality crops and finding the workers to plant, maintain, and harvest those crops.

This tension isn’t new in agriculture. For all of human history, increasing agricultural production has been a function of either adding more laborers or finding more efficient tools to do the job. Modern agriculture is no different. In the face of labor shortages, farmers are turning to technology to make farms more efficient and automate the crop production cycle.