Correct installation is crucial to the successful utilisation and long-term operation of any applied system. Cost and resource saving is always an important component of any project, and this saving needs to not only be measured in savings in capital expenditure but also long-term financial and operational saving.

This is where I-Feeder’s 30 years experience is so important. Your turnkey system is supplied with the correct equipment to ensure sourcing is kept to the bare, locally available minimum and specced to the correct parameters to have long-term and accurate operation. This is the why.

What? The basic turnkey is designed with a 316 grade frame to ensure chemical resistance to help with protection and ease of transport. Attached to the electric motor is a direct-on-line starter with manual on/ off and inbuilt overload as added protection for the electric motor. In the box is a chemical filter correctly specified to the application, whether it be drip, micro, chlorination, pivot, lateral or whichever irrigation. An injection quill with a nozzle which ensures injection takes place in the centre of the waterline being dosed into, annd not on the piping wall where corrosion will happen is also included. Lastly all fittings and stainless clamps as required for piping.

Should the turnkey system require other components, such as in chemical plants, our engineers will work closely with your team to design a custom pump skid system using the latest modelling software where required. Accuracy and safety are at the forefront of our engineering, and our team will ensure your pump skids meet or exceed any technical, OSHA, or government regulations.

Our next step: turnkey automation to ensure simple operation on the cloud remotely anywhere in the world, no matter what system. Start and stop dosing system, receive alarms, moniter amount of product dosed.


Pivot & Lateral Fertigation and Chemigation

Years of experience have taught us that too many factors which we have no control over are involved when installation of fertigation and chemigation systems take place at pivots and laterals. Usually remote the closest point of sale to buy required equipment also does not always have the correct equipment for the specialist systems, and the client then has to “make a plan,” and as they do not share our technical knowledge and experience, the educated guesses made are normally wrong, and lean too much to the economics side of it.

Thus we take the guesswork and travelling out of the equation by making sure the basics which ensure longevity and accuracy are included.

Water and Wastewater

We are leaders in providing packaged pump systems to the water and wastewater industries. Examples include chemical metering packages that can handle your specific technical and regulatory requirements. We’re experienced in pH controls, conductivity, polymers, and water analysis and include these in our dosing systems.

Micro-, Drip and Floppy Irrigation

We have years of experience and many happy customers in the agricultural industry. We’ve provided all kinds of turnkey pump systems for all stages of fertigation and chemigation. This allows us to also with these systems, ensure demand for one-stop installation is met.


  • Full in-house one-stop-shop experience. Our mechanical and electrical engineers use the latest 2 and 3D CAD and SolidWorks software to design every system;

  • Integrated process automation control, PLC’s and HMI’s;

  • Fabrication, assembly, and testing are all done at our facility just north of Cape Town, South Africa

  • Turnkey systems provide a single point of contact for your entire project;

  • Single point of contact for technical support, operator training and start up commissioning;

  • Complete set of manuals for every piece of equipment and system;

  • Reduced installation and start up time – ready to move product shortly after arriving on site;

  • Reduced delivery lead times, project costs, improved accuracy.


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