New generation farmers definitely not afraid to think out of the box – SABI Magazine June/ July 2020

The following article appeared in SABI Magazine, the official publication of the South African Irrigation Magazine, of June/ July 2020.

An article well worth reading, with our I-Feeder Metering pump the engine of the operation. Thank you to Agriplas for another fantastic solution and installation. Just showing again how important quality partnerships are.

In this instance a farmer, Liam Highcock, needed a precision agriculture for his Macadamias. Nick von Bargen and the Agriplas team engineered the solution.

Thank you also to Sanette Carrick from Agriplas for the fantastic media.

This range was our introduction to fertigation and chemigation. the hard yards of introducing an industry to this revolutionary method of applying chemicals into your irrigation system was never going to be an easy one.

We quickly learnt that honesty builds relationships and if a client trusts you they will follow you with whatever you present to them, as they know you always have their best interests at heart.

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