Evolution – Necessary for the survival of humankind

“A man who dares to waste one hour of a time has not discovered the value of life.”

This quote from the leading evolutionists, Charles Darwin, is one that has inspired me for a long time. Whenever I feel tired, whenever I want to take my foot off the gas, whenever I feel demotivated, whenever I have felt that maybe I have done enough and can enjoy the fruits of my labour, this quote has pulled me back to reality.

When a client shared this below photo last week of a unit that required a replacement part ( which we could supply ), it evoked quite a few feelings and awoke some memories. This unit was sold in 2000.

This was the birth of my evolution

This range was our introduction to fertigation and chemigation. the hard yards of introducing an industry to this revolutionary method of applying chemicals into your irrigation system was never going to be an easy one.

We quickly learnt that honesty builds relationships and if a client trusts you they will follow you with whatever you present to them, as they know you always have their best interests at heart.

VXD Injection Pump Range
MXD Multi-Head Injection Pump

The market started requiring more though. Higher dosing volumes were needed, which led to the development of the VXD range with capabilities of up to 1500 lph. Dosing from various vessels at either proportional or high volumes, led to the development of our multi-head range, allowing up to 4 different heads at 4 different volumes, or just a high total volume of up to 6000 lph.

This redesign happened with a “simple” brief to the designers and engineers. Keep working parts the same, but make them better. Our clients need to always have replacement parts on their wear-and-tear items. And that allows us to service systems which is 20 years old.

Then this happened: Precision agriculture. And we have been involved in some fantastic projects. The next stage of our evolution was an exciting ride and happened at quite a pace. Still learning every day and amazed at that which gives the competitive edge. The importance 1 % makes is understated, as in life.

The footprint went from a domestic one to a semi-global one. Asking many questions which we are more than happy to answer.

Automation Berries
Automation Berries 2

The next stage in the evolution is unfolding, and it is a big one. Our biggest yet. The evolutionary step is multi-pronged, and not just focussed on us as company, product and person, but there is a more environmental and societal conscious responsibility. The step is exciting and challenging, but one which is necessary for the brand to keep on evolving.

The most exciting part: This time we are not giving the market what it wants, but what it needs. We are doing it with a partner with the same vision, goals, temperament and drive as ourselves. A partner who will lift us even higher than we have come.

Watch this space.

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