Complete dosing skids are required when safety and accuracy are of paramount importance with minimum lead time for installation. In industrial, laboratory and agricultural environments where quick installation turn-around times are of paramount importance, standard dosing skip systems are pre-engineered and designed to fulfil this need.

Standard dosing skid systems are designed in a manner to ensure easy installation and with available options to satisfy a wide range of applications

Custom Dosing Skid Systems:
I-Feeder realise that there are applications and installations that require a completely unique Engineered to Order solution for project based work. The custom dosing skid system may be constructed in nearly any configuration and include any dosing pump offered by I-Feeder. Custom I-Feeder dosing skids are reliable solutions built with I-Feeder quality and sure to meet your project needs.


The pump skid is securely installed in a cabinet or on a aluminium frame, with the following as standard:

  • I-Feeder diaphragm dosing pump/s

  • adjustable back-pressure valve

  • adjustable safety relief valve

  • filter according to specification

  • calibration column

  • pressure gauge

  • injection quill

  • pulsation dampener

  • electric top-mounted gearbox driven mixer

  • Vessel for liquid preparation

  • mounting frame

Engineered additional solutions include:

  • Up to 4 diaphragm dosing pumps (with or without standby pump)

  • Integrated monitoring and safety systems

  • On-board automated control system.


I-Feeder dosing skids offers the following ensuring we are leaders in the field:

  • Continuity

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • One stop shop

  • Durability and low life cycle costs

  • Simple maintenance


  • Performance

  • Finishings

  • Durable

  • CAD Engineered

  • Technical Dimensions

  • Reliable

  • High Functionality

  • Easy Installation

  • Various safety features to protect the dosing system


  • Pressure: 8 bars

  • Flowrate: from 0.5 l/h to 1500 lph per pumphead

  • Accuracy: +/-2%

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